What is BCETF?

The Blockchain Engineering Task Force (BCETF) is an expanding international community of blockchain engineers, network operators, financial technology companies, banks, regulators, and researchers focused on the evolution of blockchain architecture.

Additionally, BCETF is centered on the idea that cryptocurrency should be integrated into the core Internet infrastructure as rapidly and efficiently as possible.

Why are we creating  a taskforce?

  • Designed to be a standard-setting engineering task force, akin to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).
  • Without such coordination, early technologies struggle to find standardization across platforms.
  • Due to the nature of money and financial services, heavy regulation could stifle innovation.
  • There is a clear and present need for focused and collaborative efforts across the cryptocurrency space.

Why a body of standards?

Remember when every cellular device had its own type of charger? Moving towards a clear set of standards made manufacturing cellular devices, and the products that pair with them, easier, cost-effective, and efficient.

That’s our vision for cryptocurrency – a clear set of standards to guide all forward progress, rapidly improving cryptocurrency integration across industries.

We know that multiple industries fit into the larger blockchain architecture; an adoption of universal standards allows cross-industry collaboration, wider applicability of innovations, and better directed resources and efforts.

Our vision for the future

Short term vision

Bringing together cryptocurrency, fintech, regulatory, academic and banking communities to cross-pollinate ideas and collaborate on standards. The more diverse our teams, the higher the likelihood that cryptocurrency achieves wide scale adoption.

Long term vision

  • Implemented standards through RFC.
  • Standards widely accepted across financial institutions and technology companies.
  • A better, more valuable Internet.

Does this interest you?

Join the Blockchain Engineering Task Force and help build the Internet of Money!